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Thanks, Tito

Tito create simple, powerful event software. We love them

We want to thank Tito

Something we’ve had from the very beginning is an integration with Tito. Tito is an amazing event sales tool but to us they are so much more.

Without the support of Tito early on Bonzai would never have existed, we are eternally grateful to their product and specifically their team.

The Bonzai team have over 20 years experience working in the events industry and we’ve come across several sales tools for events. We would have a hard time recommending anyone other than Tito regardless of the size or stature of your event.

Their tagline is “simple, powerful event software” and this describes them perfectly – there is no pomp or ceremony with Tito, just a smooth and delightful experience that delivers results.

If you are still working out who you should use to accept money for your event, we would suggest checking them out and seriously considering them. They are top class at what they do.